Short Story: The Princess in the Bubble

So… I’ll be honest with you guys. What I’m about to share with y’all is my first short story, ever.



There’s a whole weird background for how this thing came to be that I won’t get into (spoiler alert: some semblance of RPG had a hand in its creation), but the specs on this thing are:

  • it’s about a thousand words;
  • I wrote it in an afternoon, with minimal edits;
  • I’ve reread it a couple times since… but not recently. I’m operating on the memory of being proud of this once, and still being proud of it, so I’m slapping it up here so hopefully we can all see how far I’ve come since then. Haha. Ha.

If this doesn’t send anyone who sees it running for the hills, then that’ll be a miracle in and of itself.

Enjoy! (Maybe.)

Short Story: The Princess in the Bubble

P.S. Go ahead – leave me a comment tearing me apart for this one. It’s an open invitation. For this one. Please don’t hurt me.

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