A small status update…

Howdy-hey! Thought it was time I check in a little. Things are a bit hectic right now; without going into too many details, lots of applications for things that require a great deal of writing in and of themselves, much stress. I do have a writing project in the works, though, so I hope to have something new to post up by the end of the month. Stay tuned!

Short Story: Toro’s mom is the real MVP

Yep. That’s the working title as written in my Scrivener, and since this was just a little writing exercise to break through my block over the holidays, that’s what I’m keeping it.

Can you guess what I’ve been doing over the break?
This one doesn’t get its own process post, because the process was literally this: me standing at work, staring into the distance, and thinking word for word: ‘I’m gonna write a story about a kid with a broken leg.’ And then I did. Simple.


Toro’s mom is the real MVP
by Indigo Haunt

After three days of laying in bed with his leg propped up, Toro was getting antsy. Continue reading “Short Story: Toro’s mom is the real MVP”